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[hydraulic cylinders]

Demag CC 3800 1 Sarens Maximaburg 2 5878fbe95a978 Sarens Sarspin device with its four hydraulic leveling cylinders and up to 660-ton capacity would also be integral in helping the CC 3800-1 crane to position the pivoting bridge segments. To handle the 253.5- and 310-ton weight of the two bridge segments, the Sarens plan required the Demag 715-ton crane to be configured with its Superlift structure to increase crane capacity. Accommodating the 37.4-foot canal width in some areas and crane positioning on the floating base, We had to install the crane on one barge and the Superlift tray with counterweight on the other, explains van Oss and adds, The cranes tracks were to be positioned perpendicular to the length of the barge, so its 37.1-foot track tip-to-tip length narrowly passed through the channel. The massive 100.7-foot-long bridge segments required LSL_2 configuration with 197 feet of main boom for the CC 3800-1 crane and 36m Superlift mast, 165t counterweight on the cranes superstructure , 50t lifting equipment central ballast and 325t on Superlift tray were necessary to give the crane a 382.5-ton capacity when working at the predetermined fixed 78.7-foot radius. We planned every lift detail and prepared for every possible contingency for about six months prior to the project start date, mentions van Oss. In early July of 2016, Sarens crew members were able to put all of those preparations in action. Smooth lift The CC 3800-1 was shipped directly from the Zweibrucken, Germany, plant to the mobilization site in Dordrecht. Sarens van Oss offers, The crane looked beautiful. This was the first project for it. Sarens 10-person crew had the crane rigged with main boom, Superlift mast and full counterweight within three days. The car body was maneuvered onto the first barge, while the Superlift tray and maximum counterweight was positioned on the second. Both barges navigated the narrow channel passageway independently of each other.


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